Welcome to the Plant Biology Unit!

The Institute of Crop Production (formerly Crop Production Department) was established in 1995, in the nearly 200-years-old Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, including the Department of Plant Physiology and Plant Biotechnology headed by Prof. Dr. Vince Ördög. After some re-organizations, the Institute (Department) of Plant Biology was created in 2009, and after merging with the Department of Plant Growing a new Department of Plant Sciences was formed from November 8, 2016. The teaching staff of the Department Group is involved in advanced vocational courses, Bachelor of Science (BSc), Master of Science (MSc) and plant protection postgraduate courses which are all related to plant and animal sciences. They are mainly in charge of teaching plant physiology and plant biotechnology subjects. The Gottlieb Haberlandt Plant Sciences Doctoral Program of the Wittmann Antal Crop, Animal and Food Sciences Multidisciplinary Doctoral School works under the direction of the Department Unit.

Soil isolated microalgae and cyanobacteria have been examined for more than two decades in the Plant Biology Unit of the Department at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences of Széchenyi István University, mainly for agricultural purposes. For the experiments, studies and measurements the Department Unit has chemical and microbiological laboratories as well as special laboratories for maintenance and cultivation of microalgae strains. The special strain culture room is suitable for maintaining 1200-1500 strains under controlled conditions. The Mosonmagyaróvár Algal Culture Collection (MACC) contains about one thousand strains which is unique in Hungary. All together 432 different strains can be cultivated under controlled temperature and light conditions in 3 algal culture rooms at the same time. Using these rooms, numerous comparative bioassays and algal experiment can be performed simultaneously.

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