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Program of Plant Physiology Subjects

The subject considers the basic plant physiological knowledge of various BSc-courses, and deals with several topics of plant growth and development. These include the water relation of plants (water potential and its importance, water balance of plants); plants and inorganic nutrients (essential elements, deficiency symptoms); nitrogen assimilation; photosynthesis (characteristics of light and carbon reduction phases, effect of environmental factors); occurrence, structure, biosynthesis, transport, metabolism and function of plant growth regulators such as auxin, cytokinins, gibberellins, other plant hormones; plant treatments by plant growth regulating substances; plant and biotic environment relationship; physiology of sick plant; plant stress physiology.


Program of Plant Protection Biotechnology Subjects

Metabolism of plant tissue cultures, culture media. Somatic cell cultures. Tissue differentiation, plant regeneration, somatic embryogenesis. Biotechnology of sexual reproduction (embryo cultures, in vivo and in vitro embryo development, triploid and haploid cultures, in vitro fertilization, biotechnology of apomixis). Biotechnology of asexual reproduction (cultures of vegetative organs, meristem culture, in vitro vegetative micropropagation, in vitro gene bank). Plant protoplasts. Isolation of mutants in cell and tissue culture (somaclonal, gametoclonal variability). Genetically modified (GM) plants (biotic stress-resistant transgenic plants, abiotic stress-resistant transgenic plants, transgenic plants with modified metabolism, transgenic plants modified in their development). Legislative regulation of plant gene technology. Microalgae biotechnology.



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Plant nutrition and metabolic physiology NL - lectures


Plant nutrition and metabolic physiology NL - practicals


Plant nutrition and metabolic physiology



Plant protection biotechnology NL


Plant protection biotechnology NL