Research Infrastructure

The following special laboratories and equipment are found at the Department Group of Plant Biology for in vitro physiological, genetic, molecular biological and biotechnological studies on microalgae and higher plants:

  • seminar room (for 15-20 people) for plant physiological and biotechnological laboratory exercises;
  • laboratory for basic molecular biological works: PCR instrument (Bio-Rad DNA Engine), PCR flow-bench (BIOQUELL Omni PCR), gel electrophoresis apparatus (Bio-Rad Midi), gel documentation device with software (UVP BioDoc-It Imaging System), microcentrifuge (B. Braun A15), ice flaker (Frimont Scotsman AF80), deep-freezer (-80 °C, National Lab ProfiMaster);
  • four special air-conditioned rooms (totally 50 m2) with controlled light conditions for microalgae and in vitro plant cell and tissue culture propagation;
  • special culture room for microalgae strain maintenance (dim light, temperature 15 ± 1° C);
  • two greenhouses (82 and 141 m2);
  • polytunnel (32 m2) algae breeding equipment (200 L, 40 L);
  • laboratories and equipment that are required for the preparation and sterilization of microalgae and plant culture media: laboratory scales, drying owens, dishwashers, water distillation appliance, autoclaves, hot air sterilizers,
  • equipment for culture inoculation: laminar flow benches;
  • biolistics device (GeneBoosterTM) suitable for genetic modification of in vitro plant tissue cultures;
  • equipment for testing microalgae and tissue cultures, for preparation of bioassays and storage: epifluorescence microscope (Olympus), cooler centrifuge (Sigma), freeze-dryer (Christ), UV-VIS spectrophotometer (Varian), ultrasonic cell disruptor (Virtis); vacuum evaporator (Thermo Savant), refrigerators and deep-freezers;
  • equipment for continuous measurements of plant physiological parameters in field and greenhouse plant experiments: water potential and temperature sensors, data transmitter device (Yara ZIM), chlorophyll content meter (SPAD), chlorophyll fluorescence meter (FluorPen PSI);
  • computer capacity: 8 desktop configurations, 4 portable (laptop) computers, 1 projector;
  • Europe's 13th largest microalgae collection with almost 1000 strains: MACC –  Mosonmagyaróvár Algal Culture Collection.