Scientific Program

The main topics of the Symposium cover the following areas:

  • Product Registration and EU Regulation
  • Molecular Tools
  • Plant Biostimulants
  • Bio-pesticides
  • Animal Feeding
  • Large-scale Photobioreactors


SUNDAY, June 25th

16:00-20:00 Registration and Poster Mounting (at the Venue of the Symposium, Lucsony Str. 2., H-9200 Mosonmagyarovar)

19:00 Welcome – Dinner (at the Venue of the Symposium)


MONDAY, June 26th

8:00-10:00 Registration and Poster Mounting


Opening, General Introduction

10:00-10:10 Ördög V. (Mosonmagyaróvár): Greeting of Participants and Opening the 8th Symposium on Microalgae and Seaweed Products

10:10-10:40 Molina, E. (Spain): Sustainable Algae Biorefinery for Agriculture aNd Aquaculture: SABANA project

10:40-11:10 Tőkés G. (Budapest): EU-regulations of biostimulants and biopesticides, including algae-based products


11:10-11:20 Coffee Break


Session 1: Molecular Tools for Microalgae Biotechnology

Chairperson: Strnad, M. (Czech Republic)

Co-Chair: Balázs E. (Martonvásár)


Plenary Lectures

11:20-11:50 Balázs E. (Martonvásár): The draft genome of a high lipid content Scenedesmus sp strain (MACC-401) green alga

11:50-12:20 Maróti G. (Szeged): Metagenomics approaches in the investigation of various microalgal communities


12:20-13:00 Buffet Lunch (snacks, sandwiches, refreshments)


Oral Presentations

13:00-13:15 Doczi R. (Martonvásár): Exploring environmental signal transduction in the model unicellular microalga, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

13:15-13:30 Lakatos G. (Szeged): Hydrogen production in algal-bacterial co-cultures

13:30-13:45 Makra N. (Martonvásár): Molecular characterization of Nostoc and Anabaena microalgae isolates


Session 2: Microalgae Plant hormones and Plant Biostimulants

Chairperson: Van Staden, J. (South Africa)

Co-Chair: Dudits D. (Szeged)


Plenary Lectures

13:45-14:15 Dudits D. (Szeged): Physiological and developmental parameters of biomass stimulation by seaweed extract (Kelpak) in energy willow

14:15-14:45 Van Staden, J. (South Africa): Quantification of plant growth promoting biomolecules phloroglucinol and eckol in commercial seaweed extracts


14:45-15:00 Coffee Break


Oral Presentations

15:00-15:15 Frebortova, J. (Czech Republic): Cytokinin metabolism and sensing in cyanobacterium Nostoc PCC 7120

15:15-15:30 Novak, O. (Czech Republic): Plant hormonomics: multiple phytohormone profiling by targeted metabolomics

15:30-15:45 Molnár Z. (Mosonmagyaróvár): Bioassays for evaluation of auxin- and cytokinin-like activity in microalgae

15:45-16:00 Pozo, J. (Spain): Microalgae-based biostimulant. Application in intensive agriculture

16:00-16:15 Kajan, M. (Czech Republic): Utilisation of algal suspension cultivated on pretreated municipal wastewater as organic fertilizer

16:15-16:30 Tóth J. (Austria): Nostoc entophytum, Tetracystis sp. and Arthrospira platensis are promising plant biostimulants


16:30-17:00 Round Table Discussion


18:30-19:00 Folklore Show (at the Venue of the Symposium)

19:00-(22:00) Dinner (at the Venue of the Symposium)

Sorry to inform that alcoholic beverages will not be served free of charge


Tuesday, June 27th


8:00-9:00 Poster Session


Session 3: Bio-pesticides and detection of bio-active molecules

Chairperson: Acien, G. (Spain)

Co-Chair: Ördög V. (Mosonmagyaróvár)


Plenary Lectures

9:00-9:30 Suarez, F. (Spain): Strategies for the search of new microbial biopesticides from natural environments

9.30-10:00 Strnad, M. (Czech Republic): Discovery on new biologically active compound in algae by bioassay-guided fractionation


Oral Presentations

10:00-10:15 Gruz, J. (Czech Republic): The role of LC-MS in the discovery of bioactive compounds

10:15-10:30 Ördög V. (Mosonmagyaróvár): Effective microalgae against fungal plant pathogens


10:30-10:40 Coffee Break


Session 4: Animal Feeding – Microalgae as Feed Additives

Chairperson: Masojidek, J. (Czech Republic)


Plenary Lectures

10:40-11:10 Alarcon, J. (Spain): Microalgae in aquafeeds: nutritional value and potential use

11:10-11:40 Fu, P. (China): Microalgae as additives of animal feedstocks for enhanced accumulation of polyunsaturated fatty acids


Session 5: Microalgae Cultivation in Wastewater, Large-scale Photobioreactors

Chairperson: Borowitzka, M. (Australia)

Co-Chair: Molina, E. (Spain)


Plenary Lectures

11:40-12:10 Borowitzka, M. (Australia): Using algae to treat piggery waste


12:10-13:00 Buffet Lunch (snacks, sandwiches, refreshments)


13:00-13:30 Acien, G. (Spain): Major challenges in the production of microalgae at large scale

13:30-14:00 Masojidek, J. (Czech Republic): Growth monitoring in microalgae mass cultures: chlorophyll fluorescence techniques


Oral Presentations

14:00-14:15 Torzillo, G. (Italy): Growth physiology of Chlamydopodium fusiforme grown in BG-11 and Bristol media


14:15-14:30 Coffee Break


14:30-14:45 Rathinam, R. (Portugal): Microalgae and their commercial cultivation

14:45-15:00 Malec, P. (Poland): Effect of ammonium on photosynthetic pigment accumulation and photosynthetic activity in microalgal strains selected for treatment of ammonium-rich wastewater

15:00-15:15 Cerveny, J. (Czech Republic): Microalgal adaptive biotechnologies for sustainable future


15:15-15:30 Ördög V. (Mosonmagyaróvár), Molina, M. (Spain): Closing of the 8th Symposium on Microalgae and Seaweed Products

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